About Us

Quality Organization

Eighteen years ago, a small team comprised of the company’s management and engineering personnel had started the business from being a sub-contractor of various Thai and Japanese companies, doing solely the installation of electric system. From then on, business had expanded until it had become an expert in electric, water and air conditioning system, resulting in continuous growth. The team had been able to take on bigger jobs such as large construction project, interior decoration and complete engineering system installation from then on.

S. Anant Electric Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993 from over 30 employees and management. The unity in working as well as sincere service had yielded a continuous growth for the company although there was an economic crisis in 1997. The expertise and will of the management accompanied by dedication of the engineering team, consultants, and employees has conquered all obstructions and continue a sturdy growth.

The expansion of the company to encompass an entire system installation in year 2000 has led to a change in the name to “S.Anant Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd.” The company has extended it business to incorporate designing, procurement, as well as testing structural and architectural work, electrical and communication system, sanitary and fire protection system,
air-conditioning and ventilation. Currently, there are 800 employees from only 30 persons at the start.


The expansion of the economy, society and community has led to an increase in number of construction projects such as housing and building complex as well as large factories. Working behind the success of these projects are skills and creativities of over ten thousand people who dedicated their efforts and expertise into their responsibility. S.Anant Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd. is a part of these successes.

S.Anant Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd. is among one of the growing organization in the field of construction and engineering system with superb quality from the most outstanding personnels. Our motto in work is to do our job honestly with highest dedication in order to provide customers with full satisfaction; We truly believe that satisfaction of customers is the key to the success of our organization.